1. What is Ad Posting Work/Copy Paste Work and How to work?
We will give you matter (Ad Matter) and we will give you list of classified website. You want to post that given matter in given list of classified websites. That's it, this is the Ad Posting work.
2. What are the basic requirements to get started?
To get started you should have basic knowledge of Computer and internet surfing. And you should have internet connection, PC or else you can also work from cyber cafe. One can work from any place, any time.
3. Is there any working hours?
No, you can work from anywhere at your convenient time.
4. How to join?
To get started, first you have to register yourself with using joining form For details check plan chart on the website and how to register page. You can choose any of the plan as per your convenience. Every plan has different earning limitation. But the working mode or pattern for all the plans are same. Follow the instructions after logging into the site with your username. 
We have provided Several Payment options
(i) Non Indian resident can pay through PayPal, Perfect Money, Payza, Solid Trust Pay, Western Union Money Transfer.
(ii) Indian member can pay through Bank Transfer, Direct Cash Deposit in Bank, DD or even cheque too.
(iii)we have given nearly 4 Bank accounts number for the member convenience.
5. I am Residing Outside India Still can I join?
Yes, 100% this website is not only for Indians, people anywhere in the world can join this Network. Non Indian resident can make the payment from Pay Pal in US Dollar.
6. How to make payment?
Payment can be made through PayPal, Payza, Online transfer, Western Union Money Transfer, Demand draft, Cash Deposit or Cheque in any Bank.
7. When I will receive my work details?
After confirming your payment within 24hrs, you'll be getting a mail from our side with work details along with Ad Matter, website list etc.
8. Will you provide Classified websites and Ad matter?
Yes, we will provide Ad matters and thousand of websites.
9. Do I have to pay any amount or fees while posting ads on websites?
Not at all. Those are free classifieds where anybody can post ads free of cost.
10. Legal or, Not?
Yes, FSM GROUP is 100% legal. Check Our Legality Click here.
11. How will you know whether I have posted Ad or not?
After posting each Ad, you have to submit the report through online on your user Panel (Member Login Area).
12. Is there any minimum monthly target to get payment?
13. How often can I repeat Ads in a particular Free classified Website?
You can repeat the same Ad after 30 days (1 month).
14. Is there any limitation for the no. of Ads I put in any website?
Yes. You can put the Ad one time in a particular website in a particular month.
15. What else one has to keep in mind while posting Ad?
Before getting started it’s very important that you should be familiar with all the FSM GROUP & its terms & conditions. The money paid by you for the purchase of a product is Non Refundable.
16. How much I can earn in a month through FSM GROUP?
You can earn monthly from Rs. 5000/- to Rs.50000/-. Per Ad posted by you will pay you from Rs.1/- to Rs.15/-.
17. What is the Reason for Collecting the joining Fee?
The reason for collecting the joining fees is to provide a full fledge support like phone support, chat support, email support and also for checking the reports submitted by you every month and also we provide you the 1250+ Classified sites with login control panel to our website. In Advance we collect the Joining Fees for providing you the support for every month. And Joining Amount Not Refundable. And we are not responsible if you don’t take our support or if you don’t work.
18. When I will get my payment. How can I get my payment?
After joining. You will get your payment in 30 Days. Payment can be made through online transfer & Cheque (Whatever you are preferred).
19. How can I know how many Ads are correct?
You will check 24X7 in your all the Ads in Member login area.
20. When shall we send the ad posted report to you?
You have to submit your report in your member login area option name - (Submit URL). You require to submit us report every Day.
21. Are registered name or payee name changeable or transferable after Registration?
22. How you will send my payment?
Your payments will be sent by through PayPal, Alert Pay, Liberty Reserve, Online Fund transfer (NEFT), Western Union Money Transfer as preferred by you.
23. In a single Website, How many Ads I can Post?
Don’t post more than one Ads in one classifieds site. If you post more than one ADS in one site in one day, only one ad will be considered for payment.
24. Will training be provided?
Yes, Company will give you training for all the project details.
25. Is there any Age limit to take part in this Program?
Yes, Minimum Age required to take part is 16 Yrs
26. Do I have to wait a long time for my payment?
No, your payment will be in your Requested account within the maximum time of 24 business hours after you requested it.
27. Can I register Multiple 2 or more accounts?
Yes, you can have as many accounts as you like, you can even use the same email address to all of your accounts.
28. What is the Terms to get the Joining fees Refunded?
To get your joining fees refunded, you have to post atleast 2000 correct ads in any given month before your membership expires.
29. If I have any doubt, what should I do?
If you have any doubt, please email us at info@fsmgroup.in 
For further information kindly call us at +91-9378121941 (10:30 am to 07:00 pm, Monday to saturday Only).